Penny Stock Picking Weekly Contest 13/06/16 - 18/10/16

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Penny Stock Picking Weekly Contest 13/06/16 - 18/10/16
« on: June 09, 2016, 03:03:39 PM »
Pick the highest Percentage mover and your win will be recorded next to your name in the forum.

Choose any stock that trades in Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), with a symbol that is recognized by investors, and that closed under 100 rupees per share as of the Friday close before the contest starts on Monday.

Your entry price will be the market open price on Monday.

Entries must be posted between the Friday close and Monday open.

If trading is halted for your pick at the market open on the first day of the contest or at the market close on the last day of the contest your pick is disqualified. The stock must be buyable at the market open and sellable at the market close at the end of the week, on Friday.

Your pick must be unique. First poster to make a pick gets it. You may choose the same stock as another player, however not the same position.

A brief rationale for your pick makes the contest more fun.


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